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design a new work style


Do shigoto for someone in the world.

We serve every projects to contribute a society with professional team,

and aim to continue creating new work style to be proud for future children.


Rebuild independence of work style and life

To rebuild the independence of "life" and "work"we redefine the "work style"in a life acquiring new style of "work" under the theme of making a "new story”.

It is also the theme questioning to everyone in a company or projects on business.

We always develop new desire for "clothing,food and shelter".those "desire "and "want to work" are two different idea,as  we sometimes  don`t develop  desire for "work”.

Today we can belong to  several companies work is created in mutual corporation and trust of own.

We could attain a trust by the value we created,and we need to live with a pride for a life and work more than today .

It might be appeared "irrational" for the first look,when you think and behave independently in regard to "work" and "work style” However ,it will all become new and miracle "original story” after we achieve our goal.


Projects style moving forward same direction 

In ordered to realize the ideal working style of on,we should place importance on every single project,consider the project together as a partner. we will serve the needs of clients in this style, however it might seem inefficient.

We make all the people involved "smile, and exciting",to face seriously and to solve the problem together wit the client.

For the company to grow, it is important the ability of each employee.
it is also required  the system and culture that can discover the individual`s capability and potential,and provide the opportunity and environment to perform at their best.

Along with the management of your company ,we create and verbalized  "culture” in the company/organization ,and we serve a management support as a partner for creating a environment, culture, and climate of the company, and also for the recruitment, employee training, system development and invigoration of business


Designing the new work style, not restricted by a company.

To control a work style and your life is to design self-branding at the same time.

It is required advanced strategies and also down-to-earth activities and effective promotion.And not transient, it must continue for many years both individuals and companies.

 Having a great ambition, in order to work based on the engine of the excited heart, we establish a self-brand and self-growth, and gaining supporters by performing a good work, and cherishing each bond and each task at hand.

The reword of work is the further new bond and work waiting for.
Design the "walk style" as you think so.

“we work just because it is fun”
“work is fun just because we can get absolute”


based on team design as a main business, we work on related business to support a company 

propose a new work style framework

make a framework of “meeting a happy shigoto” for every staff and “something we want ”

make a work environment and work culture felling heartful and impressive

keep challenging new task with all partner make a shigoto and create a company with smile, excitement


Be a professional of team design



workd Inc.
CEO / creative director
Genya Taguchi / 田口 弦矢


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TOKYO 150-0012 JAPAN



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